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The National Air Duct Association has stated that in an average 6-room house, approximately 40 pounds of dust and allergens are collected in the air duct systems each year. Keeping in mind this important piece of information, who would want 18kgs of dirt building up in the nooks and corners of their houses?

AC duct is one part of the HVAC system and it is one of the essential parts which provide cool air to the entire house. The AC duct can be either in a house or an office, and the maintenance of it is equally important and vital to the health of the individuals living in the house or working at the office. Not only does the dirt create problems for the people who breathe in the unclean air, but it also blocks the air from flowing freely which can be problematic, particularly in the case of AC ducts due to them providing cold air to the entire house. With time, the problem is worsened due to the further accumulation of the dust.

If you get an opportunity to look at your vent system and the layers of dirt on it, you wouldn’t think twice before getting it cleaned. The AC duct cleaning service will remove the dust and dirt, preventing it from spreading in your house and will further enhance the efficiency of your air conditioning system.


Our company ensures that your AC duct is clean inside and out to improve your lifestyle. With our highly trained experts, your house will have clean air circulating throughout. Our team identifies the duct system, because every house and office has a different system. After identifying, the process of investigating begins where the dust is located and then cleaned accordingly. We use the tools to extract dirt, allergens, germs, hair, mold, and dust from your AC duct. We not only focus on the individual vents, but the entire system is cleaned and every speck of dust is removed.

The professionals at our company use powerful and latest technology to clear the ducts from any unwanted items. A suction technology is employed that works as a vacuum and removes accumulated dust from your AC ducts. This leads to a better quality of air that your family can breathe in eventually.

The process of contacting us is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is schedule an appointment through email or you can even give us a call. After this, our team will come to your house or office, at your convenience and analyze your AC ducts before carrying out the process of cleaning. The method that is best suited to your ventilation system will be used to give a better result in the quality of the air. With your air conditioning working properly, you can now breathe in easily without any fear of germs floating around your house. One year guarantee ensures that you do not have to worry for a year about any dust being circulated in your house. Newport Beach